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The "Reel Animals TV Show" was our first foray into the wonderful world of television. We have now been filming episodes for more than 14 years

We have been a staple on Sunday morning radio in the Tampa Bay area going on 20 years. We initially launched our venture on WDAE 620 AM as the "Sports Animals Fishing Show." During our tenure on WDAE we gained notoriety as the fishing talk show with an "edge." Over the course of our run on WDAE, we grew our audience to more than 25,000 listeners on a weekly basis.
In 2004, through a connection with our web designer, we were put in contact with WFLA-TV, a Media-General television station in Tampa. Our initial pilot aired in June of that year and was a smashing success with great ratings. After several turbulent months and contract negotiations, we return to the air in March 2006.


Reel Animals airs weekly on 970 WFLA and 620 WDAE on Saturday and Sunday mornings. The host of the Reel Animals Fishing Show have been conducting a weekly radio talk show that airs on Florida Radio for more than 12 years.

“Reel Animals Saturday” is a 2-hour call-in show hosted by Captain Mike on 970 WFLA Radio in the Tampa market. The show features Captain Mike and a variety of local fishing experts to talk about current fishing conditions and provide informative answers to listeners and callers. The Saturday show is the #1 rated radio fishing show in the Tampa market.

“The TA Mahoney Co. Reel Animals Radio Show” airs Sunday mornings for two hours on 620 WDAE in the Tampa market. The Sunday show features Captains Mike and Ben Marshall along with TA Mahoney Marine Store’s Mike Mahoney discussing upcoming events, fishing conditions, regional reports from captains around the state of Florida and reports and discussions with callers.
Both shows are streamed over the internet and on I-Heart radio so fans of the show can listen in when out of signal range and if they miss the show entirely because of time on the water, it is available as a pod cast file from the Reel Animals website or via I-Tunes, so the listener can get in on the fun at their convenience.